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Sacred Ancaria Connection

This software lets you play Sacred Gold / Underworld online, without any kind of VPN or network trick from player's side. All you need to do is download this file, execute it before starting Sacred, be sure to select "MODEM / ISDN" as network speed option in the options menù, then you can go to Multiplayer Sacred, then LAN menù and join one of the server made for you, or even host one!

Remember, to host you need a public IP and a forwarded TCP port. SAC will tell you if your server is reachable. More information about configuration for a host are in the readme.txt file included in the download.

The code is even open source, in case you want to help.

For any doubt, please join the Sacred discord server, we will gladly help you!



SAC Client 1.0 - 20-Jun-2021



Have fun, save Ancaria... together!